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Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense, Romance, Erotic Romance

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Storyteller at Heart
As a child, I would write plays that I would subject my family to. I would act them out behind my father's lazy boy, using my stuffed animals as the characters. My family would sit and watch while I "performed". They had no clue what was going on, and likely I didn’t either. But nonetheless, they sat patiently watching... or at least I think they did (I had no clue, I was behind the chair). Since I picked up my first historical romance, I knew I wanted to write a book one day. The only thing that stopped me was someone saying I couldn’t. That was it. I figured they were right... I couldn’t write. That was 28 years ago now, and every day I regretted at least not trying. I would attempt it, but their words reared their ugly head again, and I gave up. I decided I had nothing to lose but my regret. And so, "One Moonlit Night", Abbi and Ben’s story came to life. I didn’t need an outline, or a plot, or even a list of characters. They have been with me for 28 years. As silly as it sounds, they told me their story, and it HAD to be told. So, I invite you to come along on this journey with them. ~ Tina Marie

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